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Adonis Golden Ratio Review

You may be wondering what the Adonis Golden Ratio is and if it is actually the real deal or just some hyped up muscle building workout program.  Below you will discover some research I have done on what the the Golden Ratio is.

This post is going to be researched based on that (golden ratio) but if you want to read a review on the actual program itself then check out the Adonis Index Review.

Adonis Golden Ratio Review

So what is the Golden Ratio? It is actually a natural occurring phenomena that is around us in everyday life and is given the value of 1.6180339887… and continues on infinitely

Many artists and architects use this ratio because it looks so pleasing to the eyes.  People like Leonardo Da Vinci.

5 Delicious Anabolic Cooking Desserts From The Muscle Cook

Wondering what kind of recipes Dave Ruel’s Anabolic Cooking has? Well where do I begin, there are over 200 recipes within the cookbook…How about one the best parts of a meal…Dessert!

 5 Delicious Anabolic Cooking Desserts From The Muscle Cook

Many people think that if you follow a diet plan you cannot enjoy dessert. I am here to tell you that you can!

Anabolic Cooking Desserts

Visual Impact Cardio Review – Super Effective Way To Get Lean?

Most of you probably know that I am a big advocate of Rusty Moore and his Visual Impact products (Visual Impact Muscle Building and Visual Impact for Women).  They are arguably some of the best workout programs on the market.  Read my reviews if you are wondering why.

 Visual Impact Cardio Review – Super Effective Way To Get Lean?

Visual Impact Cardio Review

Drinking Chocolate Milk With Protein Powder More Effective?

Consuming chocolate milk is controversial in the nutritional world because it can hinder you ability to lose fat.  There are some other issues as well such as lactose intolerance, but no doubt drinking chocolate milk is a very effective way to build muscle, especially when combined with protein powder.

 Drinking Chocolate Milk With Protein Powder More Effective?

Image by Benson Kua via Flickr

 Do you want to save money?  Continue reading to learn how using chocolate milk with protein powder can save you a decent chunk of change.

Combining Chocolate Milk With Protein Powder

Does Your Cooked Salmon Taste Too Fishy? Try This Awesome Recipe

I love eating fish but sometimes cooked fish such as salmon tastes just too damn fishy.  Many of you most likely agree with this and my buddy Steve Kamb has just created a post that will forever take care of this problem.

He cooks the Salmon with asparagus as well.  Just looking at the photos makes me hungry!

What is Usain Bolt’s Average Speed?

I found a decent video talking about how fast Usain Bolt really is.  This actually put some things in prospective for me.  When I was training for explosiveness in high school, the fatest speed I achieved was 21 Miles per hour. I had to be able to run at this speed for 5 seconds for it to be counted.

The video shows Bolt’s average speed for 100 meters. There is a big difference between that and being able to run at a certain speed for 5 seconds.

Check out the video. You only need to watch the beginning and ending unless you want to sit through the guy solving the math.

John Cena Workout Split

John Cena is best known for his wrestling career that he has been very successful with.  He also has some acting under his belt.  John Cena is ridiculously strong and this quite apparent when picks up other wrestlers like Big Show. You will see just how strong Cena is in the video below.

 John Cena Workout Split

John Cena’s stature is impressive.  The man has a body that many people would strive for.  I personally think he might be a little too big but Cena is lean enough that his physique still looks great.  Lets dive into what the John Cena workout split is.

John Cena Workout Split

New Study: Children,Healthy Food Choices and Superheros?

In today’s world children are very susceptible to becoming obese by eating and drinking products that have too many calories. A new study has been released that shows children make healthier food choices when asked what their favorite superhero would eat.

Improve Your Overhead Press With These Principles

Just a quick Sunday update. I found a good article giving 5 principles on how to improve overhead lifts.  If you do not have military press in your workout regime I highly recommend that you do. It is one of the best compound exercises to build broad shoulders and it greatly improves your overall strength.

How to Improve on the Overhead Lifts

SAA’s VS. BCAA’s – An Amino Acid Better Than BCAA’s?

There has been a lot of talk about if it is better to take an amino acid called silk amino acids.  The most popular supplement is from BPI, called Blox. We are going to analyze SAA’s Vs. BCAA’s and see which is more beneficial.

 SAAs VS. BCAAs   An Amino Acid Better Than BCAAs?Image:

Many people have had experience with taking BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids) but some are wondering if silk amino acids are the new way to go?

SAA’s Vs. BCAA’s