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Miley Cyrus’ Workout Routine – How Is She So Thin?

Before we talk about the workout routine Miley Cyrus performs to keep her body toned lets have a brief introduction if some of you do not know who she is. Miley Ray Cyrus has become a star through her music and acting career. Songs such as “Party in the USA” and performances like the movie, “The Last Song” have put her on the map.

 Miley Cyrus Workout Routine   How Is She So Thin?

There has been more recent buzz about her becoming engaged to Liam Hemsworth, who is actually Chris Hemworth’s brother in case you did not know that!

 Miley Cyrus Workout Routine   How Is She So Thin?So how is Miley able to stay so lean? First off, she is currently 19 years old and we all know that at that age it is quite easy to keep the weight off, but she does stay toned by performing pilates.  Pilates is a very very good form of exercise.  This is what her main workout consists of:

How does Miley get those amazing abs? In Pilates, every exercise that you do is focused on your abs, or as we call it in Pilates, your powerhouse. There are specific exercises where you might feel a little more of a burn in that area but you are constantly using your abs to maintain control of your body’s movement. The one-hundred the double leg stretch and the criss-cross are all crucial to sculpt your abs.

The 100:

Lie flat on your back and bring your knees into your chest making sure that the lower back is pressing into the floor. Palms facing down lift your head and shoulders up off the mat. Take your arms straight down by your side, palms facing down. Straighten your legs to a 45-degree angle rotating your legs open from the hip squeezing your legs and heels together. If you have a bad back, bend your knees a little. Breathe in through your nose for a count of five then out through your nose for a count of five until you reach 100. As you’re breathing, pump your arms up and down 100 times keeping them next to your body and parallel to the floor.

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 Miley Cyrus Workout Routine   How Is She So Thin?

Pilates is a very effective form of exercise but is it the best way to lose weight and get the body you want? The answer is most likely no but it is different for everyone.  I know most women go to things such as Pilates, yoga, and cardio instead of weight training.  I believe this is mainly due to the fact they are afraid of gaining muscles like a man.

Weight training is one of the best ways to get and stay in shape and you can still look great without gaining a lot of muscle.  To learn more about this check out the video below. (sorry about the frame being a little off it’s from coding issues…gotta love technology!)  Miley Cyrus Workout Routine   How Is She So Thin?


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