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Quite Simply, The 2 Muscle Building Workouts You Will Ever Need

Muscle building workouts are a dime a dozen.  You have so many different kinds of workouts it can be quite overwhelming at times.  Reality is that many of these workout programs may have a different title but they echo the same rhymes so to speak.

 Quite Simply, The 2 Muscle Building Workouts You Will Ever Need

Image by Brian Smithson (Old Geordie) via Flickr

[You all know the saying, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  Early in my fitness career, I found myself going online blindlessly looking for a workout to perform.  I would try it for a week or two and then look for something new, not knowing what goal I was really working towards.  The two programs mentioned in this post will give you a strong foundation so your fitness chain is unbreakable.]

This Muscle Building Workout Actually Made Sense!

If you have been on this site for longer than a minute then you probably noticed that I really like Visual Impact Muscle Building and it’s with good reason  Quite Simply, The 2 Muscle Building Workouts You Will Ever Need .  I have read through a decent amount of muscle building workouts and yeah they are informative but visual impact muscle building is honestly the only one where I actually learned something.  In my opinion it is one of the best muscle building workout routines you can get.  And the writer of the routine, Rusty Moore is a genunine dude who only gives legit advice.  Once you learn the principles in this program you will no longer have purchase a new muscle building workout program because chances are you probably already know the strategies behind the workout.

To get a better idea about the program. Check out the results that a good guy named Dave got…


I’ve long advocated Visual Impact Muscle Building as the best way to gain muscle mass.  After successfully going through the program a while back, I decided that now was the appropriate time to tackle it again in full force.  You can read my complete Visual Impact Muscle Building review but the brief overview is that the program is a 3 phase approach focused on strategically gaining muscle in the right places while avoiding fat gain.  Phase 1 is all about sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.  This involves working your muscles to failure in order to maximize growth.  The focus is on high reps with light weights in order to create cumulative fatigue.  This is coupled with a diet slightly above maintenance.  It’s not an approach where you’re encouraged to eat 4,000-5,000 calories per day.  Instead you focus on gradual muscle gain to limit any fat gain.

My Approach

While I could have performed Phase 1 exactly as laid out in Visual Impact, I chose to somewhat tweak the routine.  That’s the beauty of the program; there’s enough knowledge to let you customize the program to meet your own goals and constraints.  For me, I preferred to do 3 sets of 12 reps rather than perform the scheme outlined in Visual Impact.  I also performed different exercises than recommended and added in bodyweight training, rings, kettlebells, and boxing.  On the diet side, I chose to follow the Leangains approach as closely as I could.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Results

 Quite Simply, The 2 Muscle Building Workouts You Will Ever Need

So what ultimately happened during the 2 months of phase 1?  As you can see from the above graph, I gained 7.75lbs.  I only gained 0.25lbs of fat meaning I gained 7.5lbs of lean muscle.  By definition, lean muscle includes everything but fat (i.e. water weight).  I was just as concerned with gains in skeletal muscle, which is what you increase through resistance training.  I gained 4lbs of skeletal muscle during the 2 months.  You can read more about Measuring Body Fat Percentage & Measuring Muscle Mass Percentage if you’re interested in how I track results….


More at Visual Impact Muscle Building Results: Phase 2

If you want to look at the page Rusty Moore created then check it out here: Visual Impact Muscle Building

There is a women’s program as well:  Visual Impact for Women

There Was Still One Looming Question…

When I first started using visual impact I was getting amazing results.  My muscle building workout schedule was going great and I was excited for what my future results would be.  But there was still one question I had that i did not have the answer to yet:

How much muscle should I gain that is enough to be respected by my peers but still look slim and not bulky? 

I did not want to go for that cheesy bodybuilder look where people consider you as a meathead. Instead, the adjectives I wanted to hear were ripped, jacked or cut.  So the question of how big was in the back of my mind for a couple of weeks.  I did some research and there is actually a program that was created to answer this very question.

The Adonis Index

Reading through this program I was very interested at the information presented.  A lot of it made sense and the writer of this muscle building workout schedule found that there is actually a ratio of shoulder circumfence to waist circumfence that women find most attractive.


Adonis Index refers to the shoulder circumference divided by the waist circumference. As an example, my shoulder measurement is 50 inches and my waist is 33 inches. If I divide my shoulder by my waist I get 1.51. The ideal Adonis Index is 1.61. The video below explains why a 1.61 ratio is pleasing to the eye in not just body proportions…but in art, architecture, etc.


[It is interesting to note that so many things follow the Golden Mean or Golden Ratio. This video claims that even many cereal boxes are made with these proportions to be more pleasing to the the cereal companies can sell more cereal.]…

More at Starvation Mode – Why You Probably Never Need to Worry About It

Here is an excerpt about a guy who went through the Adonis Index workout program and some things he learnt along the way.  I think this will be a very good read for people first starting out.


Ross looks great and he was really happy with his look and how the pictures turned out.

Here’s one more:

 Quite Simply, The 2 Muscle Building Workouts You Will Ever Need

Ross is ripped. If you met him on the street would you think he always looked like this or would you believe that he was over 210 pounds just a few years back?

Ross has a very common story and experience with fitness. A few years ago he decided to work on his physique and started going to the gym with his buddies and also started consuming fitness information, mainly the fitness magazines.

The workouts became a habit and he was really enjoying them.

And like everyone else in this position he naturally wanted to improve, so he progressed into reading bodybuilding magazines and started reading more about various ways to build more muscle and lose fat.

However, he felt victim to the traditional fitness advice and made a lot of mistakes.

Let’s discuss a few of them.

Mistake No.1 Consuming Lots of Fitness Information

Fitness industry is full of companies making billions in revenue.

The goal isn’t to get you in shape though. The goal is to continuously have you buying their products.

And as a result, you start to feel that you absolutely have to get the new magazine, full of the latest tips that nobody knew about four weeks ago, or the new “functional workout” protocol, or the new protein supplement that just came out promising those amazing gains in the first three weeks… and we could go on and on.

If you have been in this industry for a while, you are probably overwhelmed by all the fitness information and various approaches. At this moment you should take a completely different approach. You should detach yourself from the fitness industry and focus on doing the simple things that will get you the most results….

More at Gain Muscle and Stay Lean

In my opinion these are the best muscle building workouts if you combine the principles taught in these 2 programs you will have the tools necessary to build an amazing body.  You will no longer need to be searching for the newest fitness supplement or workout because you know whats effective.  These muscle building workouts are for real.  Check out visual Impact muscle building and adonis Index.






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